I'm an avid JAG/pretender/primeval fan, infatuated with ice dance legends Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir, sailing 'ships' for countless fandoms from Star Trek to Jane Austen.
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  • skating lesson #5… crossover false alarm, and is it just me or am I really starting to skate?

    • surprise, surprise- getting on the ice I was my least wobbly yet…look out world I just might be getting the hang of this ice skating thing!
    • Skater dad loves his new skates. Still don’t have mine. Must buy them soon! Done with these rentals I tell ya.
    • Elaine wasted no time this lesson. After a quick warm up, she told me and Skater dad that since we’re a little over halfway through that she wants to focus on some of the technique we’ll be tested on at the end of our lessons. Because we actually have to test out of this level if we want to move on. Yeah. No pressure or anything….
    • so at this point I’m thinking: here it comes. We’re going to learn crossovers. You got this Amber. You got this. I’m greatly surprised when Elaine tells us she wants to show us something called a forward glide.
    • it’s the move! The one I’ve seen Tessa and Scott do a hundred times. Where they glide on one foot, side by side, staring into their bright future. Think ‘The Seasons’. Ugh, gorgeous…when they do it anyways. I was really excited to try this one out.
    • Elaine demonstrated and then it was my turn. Of course, like everything Tessa and Scott do on the ice, it’s them making it look so effortless. Let me tell you, that glide ain’t easy. Lifting one foot off the ice is hard. Raising your leg with that foot is harder. Oh yeah, and be sure to keep your balance. I didn’t fall (thank goodness!), but was definitely on the unsteady side. For some silly reason I could almost glide with my right leg…but my left was like forget it. Got to convince my left leg to glide by next lesson! Glide, leg- glide!
    • just when I thought that was it, the hard part of the lesson, the next thing I know I’m being told to do another version of the glide…backwards.
    • the backward glide is actually nothing like the forward glide, you’re not really ‘gliding’ per se, more like pushing off. Essentially it’s like kicking an imaginary soccer ball. You pick up your skate to ‘kick’ with one foot, and then switch, all the while moving backwards. Yaaay.
    • so at this point, I was like: okay forward and backwards glides…whew- learned a lot this lesson. And then Elaine throws in the snow plough stop.
    • I like to call this stop another name: ‘the splits’. Because that what you do. This is not the hockey stop my friends. With this stop you’re supposed to use both feet, separately, to slow you down. Basically you throw both skates out, left and right, at the last minute…and hope they dig into the ice and don’t keep going their separate ways, if you know what I mean. Yikes.
    • and then my lesson was over. No crossover practice…but three new moves to master. Oh boy. Time to try them out at the free skate.
    • I was in serious practice mode, but then the kiddies skated up to me and I had a three minute chat about Frozen with a four year old and a six year old. Cuties <3
    • Emma skated with me again, and she thought I was doing good so I guess that counts for something. I was just desperately trying not face plant in the ice.
    • after an hour, no face planting. Operation: practice = success…mostly. I could kinda do what Elaine showed us. Sorta.
    • okay I need to get more practice days in, I’ll have to try to get to the rink on my next day off, but still had loads of fun. I find myself thinking about skating all of the time, I just want perfect it all! Do aaall the moves!
    • so maybe next lesson will be all about crossovers? Either way, can’t wait!   

    it’s Tuesday again…and that means skating lessons!

    tonight will focus on crossovers (dun, dun, duuun!), wish me luck! <3

    When they first arrived I asked what they should skate their free dance to and they wanted a tango. When they played the piece (“Adios Nonino”) for me, I felt it was one you have to be very mature for. There are a lot of very sophisticated tango couples who wouldn’t use it, it’s so difficult. But they said, ‘we want to do it’. So that was the first free dance I choreographed for them.
    — Igor Shpilband on Tessa and Scott’s free dance, Adios Nonino

    Tessa & Scott || medal ceremony

    • silver medalists @ Junior Worlds 2005

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    Tessa & Scott || Adios Nonino

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    • 1. Black or white?

    Oh gosh, well I guess I have to go with black considering 90% of my closet is made up of black everything…shirts, skirts, slacks- oops? The funny thing is don’t even shop for black. It just happens. lol!

    • 2. Restaurant Chains: Mc Donald’s or Burger King?

    Not a huge fan of either…my go to fast food would have to be Taco Time, but choosing between the two, I would pick Burger King. I like their fries better.

    • 3. C.I.A agents: Sydney Bristow or Michael Westen?

    Hardest decision ever. I am all about the spy genre and adore Alias and Burn Notice. This is like picking a favorite child. I guess…Michael. I’m still trying to get over not having him on my TV screen every week. [pouts]

    • 4. 10th Doctor Who Companions: Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, or Donna Noble?

    Eleven was my Doctor. I haven’t had a chance to check out Ten, still watching Nine currently. But through Tumblr osmosis, I know that, from a shippy perspective, I’d pick Rose. I already like her from getting to know her with Nine. But outside of my shippy inclination…I know I will adore Donna. What a queen.

    • 5. James Cameron’s colossals: Titanic, Avatar, or The Terminator 1 & 2?

    Titanic. Hands down. No contest. Read: my childhood. Owned the VHS, the soundtrack tape, had posters in my room, t-shirts…yeah I had it bad. Still not over it frankly. MY HEART WILL GO OOOON!  

    • 6. Favorite soundtrack composer?

    Dario Marianelli. The scores he composes for period films, such as Pride & Prejudice…oh gosh. He does such lovely work.

    • 7. Favorite show of the 90’s?

    It’s a complete toss-up between JAG and The Pretender. Impossible for me to choose between them. Such different shows, but the impressions they made on me are the same. My fangirling all started because of them <3 Formative.

    • 8. Favorite Star Trek series?

    I’m a reboot fan who has learned to appreciate the greatness that is TOS.

    • 9. Oscars 2014: were you for Leonardo DiCaprio or Matthew McConaughey?

    See my answer about Titanic. Yup. Still in love with Leo all these years later. Should have been his Oscar, sorry Matthew.

    • 10. Choose a show: Friends or HIMYM?

    Nineties girl. Friends all the way <3

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