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  • Anonymous asked: omg i love "wonder" and i can totally imagine scott threatening the other guys, like if you drop my partner, i will murder you


    LOL I can totally see that, love! 

    Imagine all the guys being wary of picking her up suddenly and Tessa’s all confused but when she sees the smug smile on Scott’s face she knows and rolls her eyes affectionately but doesn’t say anything because even when they’re skating in a group he’s still taking care of her and making sure that she doesn’t fall and she can’t possibly yell at him for being the best partner in the universe so she just skates up to him and squeezes his hand sigh

    Tessa & Scott || kiss ‘n cry

    • a post marks hug @ Worlds Nice 2012 [x]

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    Ice Dance: Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir
    2012 World Figure Skating Champions

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    Scott: It was a great feeling out there, and all day in my head when I was visualizing, I was saying to myself, you know, we’re not gonna celebrate a lot. It’s a stepping stone for our season, but when you skate a program like that it’s kind of uncontrollable. Everything just seemed to go right, and everything we talked about off the ice was executed. Really great for this time of year, so we were so happy, and I let it slip out there. It wasn’t very Fred Astaire of me but-

    Tessa: Ah, I loved it.

    Scott: —it got out.

    Tessa: It was so genuine.

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